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A Blueprint for Living!

Who Needs A Roadmap for Living? Everyone has a need for personal planning and organization.   If you read many of the personal development and how to success books organized planning is considered a key in achieving personal success.

What is success?   In many cultures, especially in America success is usually equated with your financial status or position in life, which is quite true.  However, success can also be defined as “achieving anything you set out to do and accomplish, whatever that may be.”   To achieve your goals you should have a plan or a road map that charts your course.  You need to organize your plan and track your progress.

Where does one start? Organization is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Some people have personality types and are considered natural organizers. They possess the organizational skills to help others become organized and provide a sense of direction and unity.

What is Orgalosophy?  Orgalosophy is a hybrid of the two words Organizational Philosophy.  It is a united concept of philosophical thought and applied organizational concepts.   If you are not familiar with Philosophy, in the following paragraphs we will explain the basis on which Orgalosophy is based.

What is Philosophy?   (Greek, philosophos, "lover of wisdom"), the rational and critical inquiry into basic principles.  Philosophy is divided into four main branches: (1) METAPHYSICS, the investigation of the ultimate reality; (2) EPISTEMOLOGY: the study of the origins, validity and limits of knowledge; (3) ETHICS, the study of the nature of morality and prudence: (4) AESTHETICS, the study of the nature and beauty in the fine arts.  

There are two distinctively different philosophical types of inquiry that include "analytic philosophy" which is the logical study of concepts, and "synthetic philosophy" which is the arrangement of concepts into a unified system.  

The term "philosophy" is often used popularly to mean a basic set of values and attitudes toward life, nature and society - thus the phrase, "philosophy of life".   Put basically, philosophy is a method or system of thought.

What is Science?  Science comes from the Latin word "Scire", which means "To Know".  Science is a quest for knowledge and a quest for truth.   Science is any department of knowledge in which the results of investigation have been logically arranged and systematized.

"Orgalosophy can therefore be defined as a philosophical scientific inquiry and application of concepts into a unified system.  Orgalosophy is a "pragmatic and practical" set of ideas, united concepts and tools that help individuals or groups become better organized and focused to achieve their goals and results in life."

The Orgalosophy concepts and system are presented in a series of application courseware books or on-line web based learning.   After the fundamental concepts have been learned they can be applied using  unified "software application programs" from our software division.

What is Spirituality?   Spirituality can be defined in many ways.   In the Orgalosophy system we would define spirituality as,  "A personal knowledge and experience of oneself combined with an understanding of the larger universe." The goal is to blend the mind, the body, and the spirit (or the intellect, emotions and will) as one for a harmonious life on earth and to prepare the self for a higher purpose".


Here are just a few of the topics examined which are linked as a unified system in Orgalosophy:

  • Philosophy of Life

  • Science

  • In the Begining

  • Birth

  • Childhood

  • Teenage Years

  • Adulthood

  • Diet

  • Personal Development

  • Children

  • Journal Writing

  • Pet Life

  • Education

  • Money

  • Business

  • Vocation

  • Spirituality

  • Organized Planning

  • Financial Planning

  • Estate Planning

  • Home Organization

  • Exercise

  • Entertainment

  • Hobbies

  • Time Management

  • Energy Management

  • Real Estate

  • Automobiles

  • Personal Asset Management

  • Retirement

The software program application program is called the Orgos Lifeline Lifetime Manager.


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